Onyx Clever Clean®

Birdfeeder from Droll Yankees

     It is so easy to keep this birdfeeder clean! With the Onyx Clever Clean® twist and release birdfeeder from Droll Yankees,  a simple twist of the wrist removes the base so that debris and chaff can be cleaned for a clean fresh fill every time. Help prevent the growth of mold toxins that are harmful to the birds with the new Onyx feeder.  The name is derived from the shiny deep black, powder coated metal parts that surround the seed ports, top, and bottom.  The Comfort Perches also attract more birds. The perches are designed with a two position circular ring with a chrome inner bar which allows the birds to perch comfortably from any position.  Seed ports are staggered along the tube to allow better feeding and easier cleaning with the Droll Yankees Feeder Brush.  The Onyx feeder is available for Sunflower/Mixed Seed or Nyjer Thistle in 12”, 15”, and 18” lengths.

Plantscape's Picks

    Looking for a great new product or a great plant that is underused?  We have suggestions for plants and products that we think you would enjoy in your garden or landscape. Come see us for more information!

Molten Glass and Wood Sculptures

    Molten glass sculptures can be used as a vase, a terrarium, or an aquarium or just as a piece of garden décor to admire.  Each molten glass sculpture is laid upon reclaimed eco-friendly tropical wood to create a unique piece of functional art.  Made by Cohasset, these glass pieces look as if they flow over the reclaimed wood bases, and no two pieces are alike.  

MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers

Decorate your mailbox for every occasion with these all-weather, fade resistant, and reusable Mailwraps® by Studio∙M.  The artwork is created by American artists and produced on all-weather vinyl which is precut to accommodate latches and flag locations on mailboxes.  The magnetic mailbox covers fit standard size 19” x 6.5” mailboxes, and magnetic strips hold it securely in place. Magnetic strips are also available for plastic mailboxes.


Seasonal artwork or everyday designs are available with cardinals, chickadees, and winter birdhouses, for example. Christmas designs are also available. You will enjoy the decorative designs and the easy installation.     





Gardening in Miniature

    Create your own perfect tiny world by combining gardening and miniatures. You can grow a living garden in miniature in containers or a special place in your garden. Now at Plantscape are the garden accessories to add to your garden bed or indoor centerpiece to create your own private garden or design a fairy garden.

    When plants and containers are chosen with scale and growth rate in mind, a miniature garden can last for years before the plants need repotting.  Growth rate, leaf size, and ease of care are all important to consider when designing a miniature garden.  Small plants such as sedum, hens & chicks, and elfin thyme can be grown outdoors or indoors in winter.  Scenes are created using miniature cottages, stones, benches, animals, and pottery and can include using a bonsai for your miniature garden.  

    We offer accessories such as a slate and moss path, woodland table and stool set, troll hut with twig roof, pine cone cottage, miniature street lamp, turtles on a stone, wire & post fence, miniature gourds, skating pond, bunnies, foxes, stepping stones and wheel barrow to name a few. Create your own garden scene in any container for fun and enjoyment!  Soil and containers are also available for your miniature gardens.



 The World’s Coolest Rain Gauge

Here’s a functional yet decorative product whose name says it all: The World’s Coolest Rain Gauge. It is a new twist on a classic device, made in the USA for a lifetime of durability.  This rain gauge is unlike any other and designed to be the only gauge you’ll ever need to buy.  It is not flimsy but made from steel and copper for durability and beauty and an unbreakable polycarbonate tube which fits inside and is not seen until it rains. This attractive all-season garden ornament is easy to use and fun to read.  The copper water collection flute fits in a powdered coated, rust-resistant steel stand and, when empty, appears like a copper garden accent.  But when it rains, a foam float inside the blue unbreakable tube causes it to rise to reveal the amount of rain measured.      

The World’s Coolest Rain Gauge is practical, fun, and very cool.  Two styles are available, one on a stake that installs easily in the ground, or one in an attractive spiral holder that sits on a surface.    

       Art Poles are lightweight, all-weather PVC poles, each with a unique artistic design and a simple message of peace, family, or community. These colorful whimsical designs are featured on long-lasting maintenance-free square poles, 3’, 4’, or 6’ tall, laminated for scratch and fade resistance and can be installed in your yard or flower beds for a unique garden accent.

     To complement the Art Poles, we also offer small Art Pots and Art Planters in larger 12” to 18” sizes.  Art Pots are 6” metal pots printed in the USA and are perfect to use to drop in a 4" or 6"potted plant for a great looking pot cover or a gift-to-go!

     The larger Art Planters are made of lightweight, durable polypropylene, digitally printed in the USA with UV-resistant inks and feature a double-walled rim, drainage hole, and plastic insert for drainage. You will love the colorful designs of leaves, stripes, dots and waves in coordinating colors that will make your plants look great!  Great for indoor plants or outdoors on decks and patios.

Art Poles, Art Pots, & Art Planters

Flapjack Kids Hats
Protect your kids from sun rays with these cute reversible hats for kids. FlapJackKids are soft, colorful, fun, and functional to keep kids’ heads protected from harmful UV rays in summer and warm in winter, yet fun enough so they will keep these hats on their heads! FlapJacks were named after the creator’s son Jack and can be flipped like a pancake so they are really two hats in one.   This unique line of parent-approved hats will let your child be a parrot or a pirate, a lion or a monkey, a shark or a crocodile depending on the day.  Made from high-quality, soft, durable fabris, the sunhats provide UPF 50+ protection (blocking out 99.9% of the sun’s rays) to help keep little ones safe from the sun. Winter hats keep heads and ears cozy. You and your kids will love these hats!


Improve indoor air quality by growing houseplants and tropicals indoors.  We offer a large selection of healthy plants for indoors in homes or offices. Selections include Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen), Peace lily, ZZ Plant, Sansevieria (Mother-in-law Tongue or Snake Plant), Pothos, Philodendron, Prayer plant, Asparagus fern, Rubber Tree, Citrus (lemons, limes), Fig trees,  Palms, Split-leaf philodendrons, Aloe, succulents, and many more are available at Plantscape.  Create a comfortable atmosphere in your home or office and improve your health while enjoying the look of healthy green plants.  We stock the best plants for easy care and low to medium light requirements so these will do well indoors.