Annual Vines (some reseed themselves or are tropical)

Mandevilla - gorgeous pink, red, white, yellow, or apricot blooms; can over winter indoors

Cypress vine - hummingbirds love the little red flower; reseeds in spring

Cardinal vine - also a favorite of hummingbirds, small red flowers; reseeds

Moonflower vine - large white fragrant night-blooming flowers

Morning glory - traditional blue flowers, but other colors available in seed packages

Purple hyacinth bean vine - beautiful purple pods, interesting; start from seed

The type of vine you choose depends on the type of structure or support it will have.  Some vines cling, others twine around the support, and some have tendrils which hold it to its support.  We offer quite a selection of hardy vines and annual vines for sun or shade, trellises or arbors, fences or walls.


Clinging Vines

English Ivy - evergreen for shade

Boston Ivy - deciduous, beautiful orange & red fall color

Trumpetcreeper trumpet flowers ‘Madame Rosy’ - pink-red blooms

Climbing Hydrangea- clinging vine, white flowers, prefers shade

Twining Vines

Peaches & Cream, ‘Major Wheeler’, and ‘Mandarin’ honeysuckle

Pink and yellow or orange flowers are a beauty



Wisteria - not for the small and weak - trellis, that is. Very vigorous, needs super strong support, may take several years to bloom, depending on the type of wisteria.  American wisterias bloom at an earlier age.  Can also be trained as a tree.


Vines with Tendrils

Grapes - edible fruit, prune each February

Clematis - twining leaves curl around the trellis, beautiful large flowers in many colors, or small white fragrant flowers (Sweet Autumn Clematis) in August-Sept.

Vines and Groundcovers