Plantscape carries a complete line of fresh greenery for your holiday decorating


Herbaria Soaps, Lipbalms, Room & Linen Fresheners

All Herbaria products are made from the best plant-based ingredients and natural fragrances, and they are made in St. Louis on the Hill!



Gazing Globes

 Stainless steel and unbreakable in every color of the rainbow

Metal Pedestals 
Sold separately 
 Also Glow-in-the-Dark “Illuminarie"  Gazing Globes

Music of the Spheres®

The Stradivarius of Windchimes®

Create a musical symphony in your backyard

Handcrafted of weather resistant materials

Sleek black and silver

Available in five sizes in many tones such as Pentatonic, Aquarian, Chinese, Hawaiian, Quartal, Whole Tone, Gypsy . . .

Sassafras® Switch Mats

    Now you can easily change your floor mat designs as often as you like, for holidays or everyday, with Sassafras® Switch Mats by Evergreen Enterprises.   These mats offer an economical way to have different designs for fall, Christmas, spring, summer and beyond, for year-round seasonal flexibility.  The 2-piece mat consists of a black durable surround frame with a textured design that holds a cushioned floor mat insert that's easily changed out for seasons or special occasions. Our display holds many styles for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter, as well as colorful general styles like home, family, welcome, birds, and more.  Purchase one surround mat and as many inserts as you like!

    The inserts can also be used by themselves and are sized to fit on stair treads.  They are inexpensive so you can buy several to create a welcoming entrance to your home, garden, deck, or use indoors.  


Butterfly and Dragonfly Accents
These colorful garden accents will enhance your garden with vivid designs.  Wall decor, steppingstones, garden stakes, and hanging hummingbirds and butterflies will add interest indoors or out.  Made from metal and glass, these showy pieces make great gifts.    Make your garden unique!

Droll Yankees

The Dipper®

The Flipper®

The Whipper®

The Tipper®


Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Now you can eliminate squirrels, starlings, grackles and blue jays from dominating the seed supply. These four ingenious feeders are truly squirrel-proof and do a great job keeping red squirrels, gray squirrels, and even chipmunks away.

Lighted Flickering Canvas Art

Holiday Wall Decór

Christmas Art Planters

Unique Ornaments



Special Gifts for the Gardener on Your List

Bird Feeders and Bird Houses

Tools and Practical Garden Accessories

Art Poles

Art Pots and Planters

Art Pavers and Planks

   Art Poles are lightweight, all-weather PVC poles, each with a unique artistic design and a simple message of peace, family, or community. These colorful whimsical designs are featured on long-lasting maintenance-free square poles, 3’, or 4’ tall, laminated for scratch and fade resistance and can be installed in your yard or flower beds for a unique garden accent.

  To complement the Art Poles, we also offer Art Pots and Art Planters in larger 12” to 18” sizes.  Art Pots are quality 6” metal pots printed in the USA and are perfect to use to drop in a 4" or 6"potted plant for a great looking pot cover or a gift-to-go! They also make a terrific mini gift basket to fill with items that coordinate with the artwork theme.

     The larger Art Planters are made of lightweight, durable polypropylene, digitally printed in the USA with UV-resistant inks and feature a double-walled rim, drainage hole, and plastic insert for drainage. You will love the colorful designs of leaves, stripes, dots and waves in coordinating colors that will make your plants look great!  Great for indoor plants or outdoors on decks and patios.


Garden Flags

Mailbox Covers

Door Mats

Seasonal, Holiday, Floral,

Birds, Military, Welcome


We offer garden flags in small or large sizes and magnetic mail box covers in many coordinating designs. Large size doormats in many designs are also available.


The World’s Coolest Rain Gauge
The last rain gauge you’ll have to buy!  This unique rain gauge doubles as a copper garden ornament when it’s not measuring how much rain has fallen.  Made from copper with a steel stake, this rain gauge has a blue measuring tube which rises when it rains, and the numbers can be seen from 30’ away! Unbreakable and unbeatable.


Come see the Lyric Project Art Poles combining Lennon-McCartney music with bold,

vivid art!

Woodstock Chimes®

High quality musical chimes are a great addition to your landscape. Choose from serene, lively, and jazzy tones in various styles, colors and sizes.  All have a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Herbaria Soaps


Garden Angels


LED Pillar Candles


Holiday Ceramic

Travel Mugs

Wall Clocks


Wall Hangings

Farmhouse Decór

Holiday and Seasonal Flags

and Doormats

Vintage Red Truck Items

Christmas Message Signs