Pavers - precast stone for walks, patios, driveways.  Large variety of colors and styles available by the pallet by special order.  


Steppingstones - plain concrete or cast with flagstone or pebbles; also cast log cross sections


Retaining Wall Blocks - precast Windsor or Diamond blocks for creating walls in your landscape


Edging Blocks - precast Anchor "bullet" edgers in many colors to accent landscape beds.  Blocks fit together to form curves or straight lines. Makes a neat appearance.


Patio Blocks - Concrete blocks 8" x 16" x 2"


Splash Blocks - Concrete blocks to guide downspout water away from the house


Hardgoods are products we use in landscaping to define, accent, contain, or provide a finished look to your landscape.  Products we offer include:


Flagstone - flat,  1" - 4" thick natural stone for walks, patios, or natural stepping stones.


Boulders - all shapes, sizes, and colors; for accents among plants, water gardens, rock gardens, etc.


Cobblers - smaller, rounded, good for natural edging, topping off containers, water gardens, rock gardens


Drywall - Natural stone cut to rectangular shapes; stacks without mortar to form low walls, edging


Natural Steps - thick natural cut rock makes beautiful steps in your landscape, pool, patio, or terrace


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