Garden Gloves

Tool Grip Gloves - The #1 choice of gardeners across America. Breathable, sure grip glove available in original green, blue, red, lavender, rose, and poppy.

Wonder Gloves - Comfortable choice for wet, muddy gardening chores.  Great dexterity for planting and weeding.  Waterproof, impermeable to general gardening chemicals. Available in terra cotta, purple, and fuchsia.

Rose  Gloves -premium goat skin for comfort and thorn resistance.  Elbow high leather cuffs protect the fore arm.

Nitrile Touch Gloves-durable, flexible, fits like a second skin.

HestraGloves- Hestra Garden Bamboo Latex Dip Garden Gloves are ideal for potting, planting, weeding, tool use and general gardening.

Products We Use and Recommend

Tula Hats

Natural style is the signature of Tula. Beautifully hand-woven sun protective palm hats unite the traditional art of weaving with contemporary hat design.


Based out of Austin, Texas. Made in Mexico.

Made from renewable earth friendly palm fiber materials. Get the health benefits from wearing a hat that has been rated UPF 50+ and provides natural UV protection.


Unisex Styles are designed to look flattering on everyone.


Choose from styles such as Gardener, Gardener Lattice, Outback, Ranch, Chloe and more.

Using The Right Tool

Using the right tool for a job makes all the difference, and this is also true for gardening.  That's why we like to offer GOOD tools for you to use in your garden and landscape - one's that we use ourselves!  Here are some new tools and garden accessories in stock now:


Winged Weeder™ Hoe

  Our favorite hoe that never needs sharpening and slices through weeds with a push-pull motion. Triangular-shaped head is available in 2 sizes, one for regular jobs and the Winged Weeder Jr. with a smaller head to use in tighter spaces among plants. A hand-held weeder is also available for close work.


Pruning knife  The folding curved 2 1/2" stainless steel blade stays sharp for pruning.  The 4" handle is steel lined for strength.


Soil knife  A 3-in-1 gardening tool: it digs, cuts, and saws!  The 6" blade is stainless steel and a leather clip-on sheath is also available.

Dramm ColorPoint™ Compact Shear Perfect for quick cutting and deadheading. Small compact design for comfortable use. Six colors so everyone gets their color choice. Dramm ColorPoint™ Compact Pruner Perfect for small woody cutting. Small compact design for comfortable use. Six colors allows for personalization while pruning. Great for the gardener!


Paving weeder  Beveled L-shaped blade is sharply ground on both sides for easy removal of weeds from between bricks and paving cracks.  Handy and comfortable.


Felco Pruners  These are top-of-the-line pruners with comfort, precision cutting, and ease of replacement of all parts: blades, spring, handles, etc.


Garden Tools