Garden Calendar - March





•Sow seeds indoors now through March for transplants to set outside after our last frost date (April 15-20).  Check the back of the seed packet for the approximate sowing time so the plants will be ready to set out when the temperature is right. Choose from our large selection of Lake Valley Seeds, Botanical Interests Seeds, Renee’s Seeds, and Hudson Valley Seeds for vegetables, perennial and annual flowers, herbs, and organic seeds.  We know from experience that they have a better germination rate and more seeds per packet.  Use Fertilome Seedling and Cutting Starter Mix to start the seeds and cover the seeds lightly with No Damp-Off Seed Starter for insurance against “damping off” fungus which kills seedlings. Flats, inserts, and peat pots are also available.

   •Trim back ornamental grasses to the ground by March 1 and remove the brown leaves to allow new growth to fill in this spring.  Tying the grasses with twine, rope, or bungee cords before cutting makes the job a little neater.

  •Remember March 1 as a good date for cutting back butterfly bushes (6-12” from the ground) and crapemyrtles if you wish to keep them shrub-like.  This is also the time to trim back rose-of-sharon, hardy hibiscus, chaste trees, clethra, and shorten nandinas (heavenly bamboo) which have grown too tall.   

   •Divide and transplant perennials now before they reach 3” tall for best results.  Once new growth emerges, use a sharp spade to dig up outer portions of perennials and move to a new location.  Use Fertilome Root Stimulator every 2 weeks for the next 2 months for vigorous growth.

  •Start bulbs such as elephant ears, begonias, dahlias, cannas, calla lilies, and caladiums indoors in pots for transplanting outside when the soil is warmer in late April.  This will give you a jump on growth and flowering in summer.

  •Apply Fertilome Crabgrass Preventer or Concern Weed Prevention Plus organic weed and grass preventer when yellow forsythias bloom.

    •Plant pansies and violas this month for early spring color. They like cool weather!

    •Plant peas and potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17.