•Check plants for Japanese beetles, especially roses, crapemyrtles, grapes, and crabapples.  Beetles can be knocked off into a jar of soapy water for control, or spray with Fertilome Triple Action or Pharm Solutions Veggie Pharm.  Control the grub stage by applying Milky Spore to lawns for long term (10-20 years) control.

  •Check evergreens for bagworms and spider mites.  Hand pick the bagworms or spray with Caterpillar Spray with Bt or Spinosad.  Use Insecticidal Soap, Horticultural Oil or Triple Action Spray to control mites.

   •Use a soaker hose for 1-1½ hours once a week on flower and shrub beds during dry periods.  This is the most effective way to water because the water trickles slowly to a depth that encourages deep rooting. Plants need 1” of rain per week so a drought is 2 or more weeks without rain.

  •Spray roses susceptible to black spot disease every week with Fertilome Systemic Fungicide, Copper Soap, or Rose Pharm.  

1 Tbsp Horticultural oil mixed with 1 Tbsp baking soda in 1 gallon water is also a good organic spray.

 •Use Mosquito Dunks to control mosquito larvae in places where water stands. It is safe for humans, pets, and fish and can be used in water gardens and birdbaths.

  •Keep lawns mowed high (2 ½-3 ½”) during hot summer months to conserve moisture and discourage weeds.

   •Give mums and asters their final “pinch” around the middle of July, cutting off the top 1-2” of growth to encourage full bushy growth and avoid early flowering. Feed with ¼ cup Bone & Bloodmeal or Ferti•lome Blooming and Rooting Fertilizer until color shows in fall.

    •In mid July plant corn, beans, cucumbers, and zucchini seeds for late crops.

   •In late July sow beans, beets, spinach, and turnip seeds for fall.

  •Transplant broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and brussel sprout plants for fall crops.

   •Use Beneficial Bacteria or Barley Straw bales or pellets to control green algae growth in water gardens.

     •Use Neptune’s Harvest Fish Fertilizer or Fish & Seaweed Blend every other week to feed bedding plants, vegetable gardens, perennials, fruits, and other plants throughout the summer for vigorous growth.



































Garden Calendar - July