•This is still a good time to plant trees and most shrubs and evergreens. Roots will grow and plants will be better established in the spring. Use Fertilome Root Stimulator when planting and apply mulch 3-4” thick around the base of the plant, but keep it away from the trunks of trees and stems of shrubs.

    •Spray roses now with Fertilome Copper Soap, a good dormant “clean-up” of roses.  Remove any remaining leaves from roses and spray the canes to prevent overwintering black spot disease. Wait until early spring to do major pruning of roses, but they can be shortened for winter to 18” or more.  Pile bagged Compost & Manure, Mushroom Compost, or Baccto Garden Soil around the base of roses to about 8” deep to protect roses over the winter. Do this after the weather is cold but before the temperatures reach 20°.

    •Apply Wilt-Pruf to evergreens with broad leaves like hollies, azaleas, boxwood, southern magnolias, and rhododendrons to keep them from “winter burn.” Apply when the temperatures are above freezing.

    •Use Tree Wrap around trunks of newly planted and thin-barked trees like dogwood, maples, flowering pears, etc. to prevent sunscald damage to the trunk in the winter.  Start at the bottom of the trunk and spiral the paper wrap, overlapping the edges, up to the first main limbs.  Use stretch tie or black electrical tape to secure.

    •Plant spring flowering bulbs (tulips, daffodils, crocus, etc.) using two tablespoons of HiYield Bone & Bloodmeal in the hole when planting. Using a hand bulb planter or a drill powered “Power Planter” makes the planting easier and faster. It’s not too late to plant – as long as you can dig the hole, you can plant!

    •Fertilize and repel deer at the same time with Milorganite fertilizer, an organic sewage sludge product.  Apply monthly to keep the deer away from trees and shrubs































Garden Calendar - November