• Hardy trees, shrubs, and evergreens can still be planted if the ground isn’t frozen or too wet. Roots will grow and plants will be better established in the spring. Use Fertilome Root Stimulator when planting and apply mulch 3-4” thick around the base of the plant, but keep it away from the trunks of trees and shrubs.

    •Some spring-flowering bulbs will sprout early through the ground, but this is nothing to be alarmed about.  Tips of the leaves may brown if cold weather is severe, but the brown tips can be trimmed off later, if desired.

    •Buy seeds now and plan for this year’s garden.  Check seed starting supplies and buy Seedling and Cutting Starter mix, flats and inserts, peat pots, “No Damp Off” seed starter, labels, and fish emulsion fertilizer for tender young seedlings.  Have fluorescent grow lights and fixtures ready to use for new seedlings.

    •Make sure tree guards are in place around trunks of trees to prevent rabbit, mouse, and deer damage.        

    •Lay evergreen branches or boughs cut from discarded Christmas trees over mums, asters, and other perennials for an excellent winter mulch.

    •Keep birdfeeders filled to attract a variety of birds.  Suet provides an excellent source of fat and protein which birds need for energy in winter.  Use a birdbath heater (we have 4 types to choose from) to keep water open when temperatures are below freezing.  

    •Keep squirrels away from birdfeeders using a squirrel guard, available for poles, 4x4 posts, and hanging birdfeeders. They work for raccoons as well.

    •Use a pond heater to keep an opening in the water of your water garden so fish wastes are not trapped under the ice. Fish and hardy plants will live at the bottom of the pond if the water is at least 18” deep.














































Garden Calendar - January