Red Clay Pottery

Crescent Planters

From Mediterranean classics to the clean lines of contemporary design, Crescent has a pot or planter available for every garden style. These lightweight ultra resistant resin planters are easy to handle, crack proof, non-fading, and sturdy.  The unique but simple styles are available in many colors to complement your garden decor and plantings.  Saucers are available for every size and style, and all products have a 10 year warranty.  

Glazed Pots

Interesting glazes on these clay pots complement plantings and garden decor. Most are predrilled and can be planted directly or used as a decorative pot cover. Bring indoors during winter to protect from freezing weather.

Decorative Pots

Terra cotta pots are the perfect home for your plants. They retain water, keep the roots cool and allow plants to breathe. Selections include standard clay pots and saucers plus many interesting clay planters in all sizes. Select one that suits your taste and planting style.

Stone Lite Flower Pots by Cartanna
Developed using the very latest European design trends and stone finishes, these multi-use flower pots come in popular sizes with drainage holes and a water reservoir system that keeps a minimal amount of water in the pot so the root system does not become water logged. Great for use indoor and outdoor, they are available in three weather resistant finishes, beige sandstone, mocha sandstone and aged black sandstone.  The look and texture of these pots make them unique, and they will show off your plants and add interest to patios, decks, and indoor rooms.