Decorative landscaping gravel

Indiana Mix - one ton covers 90 square feet

Meramac Gravel - one ton covers 90 square feet

Shawnee Gravel - one ton covers 90 square feet

Ohio River Rock - one ton covers 100 square feet

Trap Rock - covers 90 square feet per ton

Dry Topsoil - a silty clay loam from southern Illinois; good for lawns, flower beds, or filling in areas in your landscape. We have it under roof, so dry soil  is always available for your projects.

Sand - Masonry sand suitable for spreading under pavers, in patios and walks.

Driveway rock - limestone with or without dust; small chip (chat) is also available.


             TIP - Find square feet by measuring length x width

We offer these products by the ton or cubic yard.  We will load them in your truck or, for an additional fee, deliver them to your home or business.

Premium hardwood mulch - double ground, natural color.  A cubic yard covers 80 square feet, 4 inches thick

Dyed black or brown mulch - dark colored mulch for long lasting color in landscapes

Compost and Manure - excellent soil amendment to enrich existing soil for healthy growth of all plants and turf

Buy In Bulk

Plantscape offers a variety of bagged and bulk

mulches and decorative gravels